Manav Studio has a wide range of ensemble of the traditional with a contemporary tadka in Indian ethnic wear.

Explore our galore of striking rich colors fused together with exclusive stonework, carefully sequined work, intricate designs with bold embroideries, to make you feel and look like an emperor.

Suits, Jodhpuri, Fusion Wear or Traditional Wear, we promise you unique and updated fashion for your charisma to keep smiling and with the brush of compliments you’ll gather our there you sure would feel like a star.

So this season all you get ready to drip ethnic fashion and be the dazzler everywhere you go.

Manav Studio has established a brand name in Indian Ethnic wear and Indian ethnic textile segment. Manav Studio is one of the finest Indian Ethnic wears fashion store having presence in Mumbai, India.

Manav Studio is an endeavor to express the brightest shades in the spirit of life through a collection of ethnic splendor that highlights a true personality. We have spread out an ensemble of fascinating party wear, timeless Jodhpuri & Western suits and Fusion Wear for you to look best fit in.

We have spread out an ensemble of Traditional and Ethnic Suits, embroidered semi stitched and suits fabrics and playful prints, variety of fabrics, pure linen, cotton etc. We has wide range Indian ethnic Textiles.

At Manav Studio, Mens Made to Measurement is available. We believe everyone must wear a custom made suits.

Manav Studio strikes a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary, flowing romantic ensembles sashayed down the runway in an elegant, dream like sequencce. Manav Studio represents Indian clothing worldwide, finds itself designed in a way that it appeals to everyone across demographically and geographically.

The Soul of Manav Studio is what it represents, it is a heaven for everyone to express their inner beauty by creating their own outer beauty, style is not dictated by current trends but instead is an inherent pent of luxury one being his outside appearance is just his inner beauty. A quality of imagination and individuality represents through our own taste.

Manav Studio's design certainly adds a style to the statement to archetypical dressing. Manav Studio was setup by Mr. Kanti Gala with decades of experience in Indian ethnic wear. Since inception its range of Indian ethnic textiles are enhancing the personality & beauty of customers and homes all over the world.